Check out this beautiful commercial bamboo farm…10 acres of Bamboo Henon!

Take a look at one of our best commercial bamboo farms – not even 2 years old yet!

Our bamboo Biomass Division is actively searching for bamboo canes to be harvested throughout the East Coast and if possible, any field in Florida!

We are looking for approximately 40 Tons of Bamboo.

Please contact us if you (or someone you may know) is interested.

We are happy to announce a recent commercial bamboo farm opening near Frostproof, Florida — 77 acres of bamboo!

One of our farmer- partners in Florida had unexpected drainage issues, but that did not stop him from growing Commercial Bamboo.

We are proud of this farmer partner and of our team for finding a solution together.

It is impossible to know all variables when it comes to planting bamboo on a commercial level. However, it is possible to have an integrated team that helps make things right!

Another successful commercial bamboo planting located in Cedar Springs, Georgia

Another Farmer-Partner recently planted 10 acres of commercial bamboo in northern Florida. We used “Citrus Technology” to grow this tropical bamboo!