A new star is born in OnlyMoso USA corp!

The new network of representatives are professionals that first of all care much more to learn and study the agronomical aspect of bamboo, than cashing commissions!

Glen has been calling our Corporate office almost every day, to make sure to follow procedures and he is calling all his accounts every single week!

Glen came on board before the end of 2020, not to be just a simple rep signing contracts!!!!

No, he precisely asked to be an Account Manager and he is doing so well, that soon we are going to offer him also other additional positions in our organization! In one of our factories, we have available now and or a position in the future/ones we are about to open !!

We have others Representatives joining with the same attitude, making sure all our bamboo farmers maintain constant contact with Corporate office directly or through them and NOT as in the past where some old salespersons did all possible to prevent this connection!!!!!

Thanks, Glen welcome on board.

Henon will become the most popular bamboo breed in the United States

Much Bigger than Tropical bamboo!

This is an 18 month planted bamboo field in Macon / Georgia ( October 2019 )

Look at the size of the new shoots…!!!

With the Tropical bamboo in Florida, we were just starting and understanding..
And just touching / scraping the tip of the ICEBERG…..

Virginia, Carolina N & S, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana up to North Texas will become the major states for bamboo!

Moso can successfully grow in FLORIDA.

-Fred was successful, because he has been farming for decades.
-Fred was successful, also because he is a blueberry farmer and growing blueberry, you must be very clever; 1 mistake 1 day and you lose all!!
-Fred was successful, because he followed exactly our instructions and because we had great cooperation with him and there were lots of communications going on between corporate office / Fred and our Fields experts!!

But above all Fred was very open to cooperate and to explain us the challenges we may face in that environment, weather, microclimate, etc..
Without this tight cooperation, how could we possibly understand 11 states’ farming challenges? And where every state has 4 to 7 different microclimates WITHIN that same state?

He also had low temperatures in the last 5 years, but we found a solution together.  We also had some little drainage issues, but together we found the possible solutions!

This is an example of real, true, fair, and honest cooperation and this is why we keep sending him other mother plants, almost for free although we have no obligation to do it !!

Now finally we have true and real professionals in our 5 networks and those pioneering years ( 2016 / 2018 ) are over and the new management teams are just doing great!!

Bamboo is considered the Top 1 Cash crop ( carefully read what is written by professionals and experts / check those 2 pics below ).

Prices in the United States marketplace for bamboo mother plants range from $90 up to $ 150/200 ( OnlyMoso delivers these same plants for only $25 cash and rest $ 25 is deferred/ no cash + interest free 3 to 6 years after planting ).

Revenues in Asia have been calculated to reach up to $ 40,000 to $ 90,000 per acre per year, gross, when a bamboo field reaches maturity.

We prefer to remain on the modest side and we say revenues can reach ranges of $ 15k to $ 30k per acre gross, per year, when maturity is reached.
—> all while citrus fields revenues are now lower than $ 1k per acre in Florida.

We recently visited with one of our Commercial Bamboo Farmer Partners that had an exceptionally cold phase recently (worst in 100 years) …  during this time:

  • His bamboo crops were exposed to freezing temperatures for 8 days
  • The tropical bamboo mother plants were exposed to temperatures below 17 degrees F.

What happened?   The Tropical bamboo plants survived and are growing again!!

We are pleased with our recent partnership with a leader in the Citrus and Cattle farming industries… 500+ Acres primed for Commercial Bamboo Farming!

One of our favorite Bamboo-prenuers planted Commercial Bamboo approximately 3 years ago… the bamboo crops are looking really, really good!


We surpassed our goal last year – making 2020 our best year ever. This year we have set the bar even higher — and looking to plant 700 Acres of Commercial Bamboo!

We are looking for landowners who want to become FIRST GENERATION BAMBOO-PRENUERS!

Message us for more info…

Our Mother Company in Europe is harvesting Moso bamboo ( phyllostachys ) timber bamboo by the tons!!

The Demand Commercial bamboo farming (as we like to call it: Bamboo-prenuership) is exploading. We are looking for landowners who are looking for growth and interested in learning how they can become the next successful Bamboo-prenuers!