Not even 3 full seasons from planting and this is the result!!

Massive edible bamboo shoots ready for the Veg Fresh Produce Marketplace all over the USA.

4 to 5 Lbs. bamboo edible fresh shoots, 5 inches at the base!! Grown entirely in North America!

Through A LOT of passion, dedication, and education – OnlyMoso USA has persevered through initial resistance to this new industry. We expected it to be tough – it always is when you are bringing a totally new concept to the United States. A lot of nay-sayers said it couldn’t be done (We love it when we are told that 🙂

Agro Bamboo LLC … A new bamboo planting company in Florida!

3 acres were planted in October 2019, and only 25 mother plants were lost.

This field went through 2 winters!! YES


NOTHING can stop this crop, not even a hurricane!!!

One of our best Reps, Calvin Young, showing the “lead by example” nature of OnlyMoso USA!

This is again another bamboo farmer, of our bamboo alliance, signing the new form to extend our buyback program to 20 years (it was originally 10 years).

A new star is born in OnlyMoso USA corp!

The new network of representatives are professionals that first of all care much more to learn and study the agronomical aspect of bamboo, than cashing commissions!

Glen has been calling our Corporate office almost every day, to make sure to follow procedures and he is calling all his accounts every single week!

Glen came on board before the end of 2020, not to be just a simple rep signing contracts!!!!

No, he precisely asked to be an Account Manager and he is doing so well, that soon we are going to offer him also other additional positions in our organization! In one of our factories, we have available now and or a position in the future/ones we are about to open !!

We have others Representatives joining with the same attitude, making sure all our bamboo farmers maintain constant contact with Corporate office directly or through them and NOT as in the past where some old salespersons did all possible to prevent this connection!!!!!

Thanks, Glen welcome on board.

Henon will become the most popular bamboo breed in the United States

Much Bigger than Tropical bamboo!

This is an 18 month planted bamboo field in Macon / Georgia ( October 2019 )

Look at the size of the new shoots…!!!

With the Tropical bamboo in Florida, we were just starting and understanding..
And just touching / scraping the tip of the ICEBERG…..

Virginia, Carolina N & S, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana up to North Texas will become the major states for bamboo!