We surpassed our goal last year – making 2020 our best year ever. This year we have set the bar even higher — and looking to plant 700 Acres of Commercial Bamboo!

We are looking for landowners who want to become FIRST GENERATION BAMBOO-PRENUERS!

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Our Mother Company in Europe is harvesting Moso bamboo ( phyllostachys ) timber bamboo by the tons!!

The Demand Commercial bamboo farming (as we like to call it: Bamboo-prenuership) is exploading. We are looking for landowners who are looking for growth and interested in learning how they can become the next successful Bamboo-prenuers!

Alabama, marvelous USA 🇺🇸

In April 2020 we planted and we lost only 2 plants.. we have the perfect team to support our farmer partners!

Judge for yourself what is the spirit of OnlyMoso, the pioneers of bamboo mass growing for industrial and commercial uses.

We look for new farmer partners in Texas and California (as well as 11 additional states)… message us or call our corporate office at
954 530 3385.

We are very pleased with this commercial bamboo farm in Tallahassee… where many “experts” claimed tropical bamboo would not make it there (well, it does very well there!).

We recently planted 65 acres of commercial bamboo mother plants 6 miles west of Zolfo Springs, FL!

We recently had a successful commercial bamboo planting in Venice, Florida. We look forward to working with this farmer-partner for a very long time!

We had another successful commercial bamboo planting in South Carolina! We love working with our Farmer partners to help them successfully grow their commercial bamboo farm business. 💪

Another successful commercial bamboo planting recently took place in North Carolina!

The demand for commercial bamboo is rapidly expanding! To keep up with this growing demand we recently opened our FIRST BAMBOO NURSERY in California.

2021 is going to be exciting for the commercial bamboo industry!

➡️ Our mother plants should be ready to go in California farming fields in the next 6-8 months. So if you were ever considering commercial bamboo farming – NOW is the time to act.

Demand is growing so we expect to run out of mother plants (quickly)!

Message us for more info :
Ph. 954 530 3385 Corp office.
[email protected]

Another successful commercial bamboo planting located in Cedar Springs, Georgia