Another happy farmer as he understands the difference between tissue culture bamboo tropical mother plants and other small improvised bamboo small quantity ornamental plants shop.

This field was planted in May 2020 and a year ago was already nominated as the top field in our organization for a non-tropical bamboo commercial and industrial planting.

By far the most commonly asked question is if bamboo is invasive…

Although there are some Bamboo Species that are Invasive (running bamboo) … Clumping bamboo is NOT invasive.

That being said… you will always need to be careful when planting bamboo in a residential living enviroment.

For farming purposes, clumping bamboo is a great option to grow commercially!

Our Bamboo Farming Partner, Larry, Doing very well in Alabamba!

Check out the commercial bamboo growth (both planted not long ago). We always look to build a strong foundation for our commercial bamboo farmer-partners!

Tropical Bamboo’s biggest farm in the United States – 300 Acres!

This is another Record for OnlyMoso USA — we keep growing 😉

One of our farmer partners in Bartow, Florida – great results after planting 3 months ago!

Check out this Commercial Bamboo farm in California — where we recently planted 9 acres of bamboo in May 2021…

We are getting some AMAZING results for our Farmer Partners!