Check out this Commercial Bamboo farm in California — where we recently planted 9 acres of bamboo in May 2021…

We are getting some AMAZING results for our Farmer Partners!

OnlyMoso Harvest has Fresh Bamboo Shoots available for Florida stores and Florida wholesalers. We are the only source of Fresh Bamboo Shoots in the country. T

These shoots came from our 100 farms in Florida so they are very fresh, very local, and very nutritious!

We utilize our own Packinghouse so not only are they pretty and fresh, we follow USDA procedures on Food Safety and you will know that they are safe.

Unlike anyone else in the industry, we (using help from the University of Florida) have developed the procedures to get a long shelf life. The pictures here of shoots show their vibrant colors which is a result of them being so fresh! This makes them easy to sell.

We have a Wholesaler program that ensures you have no competition and steady available supply through our long season June through October. You make good margins and turnover inventory weekly. A great business opportunity!

Contact Kevin Barley, Sales Manager, at 407-625-5046.

Tahallasse Phyllostachys planting: a new age in commercial bamboo farming.
We are almost planting more Phyllostachys than tropical bamboo!

Bamboo Farming in Fresno, CA is about to explode. We already have lined up more than 20 parties to come to Florida to learn how to replicate our success from Florida to California !!!

Seven acres of special Phyllostachys Bamboo in South Georgia,

-Soil: clay and sandy/loam, rich but not ideal…
-480 mother plants x 7 acres = 3,360 mother plants
-Planted the End of May 2020 with the New OnlyMoso USA Corp, Field Expert Mr. Marc Shollenberger = the miracle bamboo man !!!

Onlymoso is blessed to have some of the best commercial bamboo farmers in Mississippi!

We recently visited the Rio Grande Valley area in Texas where we have received A LOT of interest in growing commercial bamboo farms in 2021.

We look forward to replicating what we have done in other states to make this area FULL of commercial bamboo farms!

We recently visited one of our Commercial Bamboo Farmer-Partners in La Belle, Florida… where hundreds of thousands of WELL DRAINED acres are waiting to host bamboo mother plants. This area could potentially become the new Commercial Bamboo Capital in the United States!

We are building stocks of thousands of bamboo mother plants in California in the Sacramento North area and Fresno areas.

Next is the Rio Grande Valley in South Texas, our beloved Lone Star state!