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Commercial Bamboo Farming in Bartow, FL

Not even 3 full seasons from planting and this is the result!! Massive edible bamboo shoots ready for the Veg Fresh Produce Marketplace all over the USA. 4 to 5 Lbs. bamboo edible fresh shoots, 5 inches at the base!! Grown entirely in North America!

OnlyMoso has Persevered Through Initial Bamboo Resistance

Through A LOT of passion, dedication, and education – OnlyMoso USA has persevered through initial resistance to this new industry. We expected it to be tough – it always is when you are bringing a totally new concept to the United States. A lot of nay-sayers said it couldn’t be done (We love it when […]

The Fresh Bamboo Shoot Season has Begun!

This year we are multiplying 15 to 20 times what we harvested 1 year ago, and we count to reach 20 million LBS of processed fresh shoots in 5 years. We have reason to believe this all together between fresh and boiled bamboo sprouts can easily be a 350 million LBS business per year!!