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Attention Automotive and Plastic Industry Entrepreneurs!

Looking for a more sustainable way to use plastic components? At Alternative Bamboo Commodities (ABC), we combine natural fibers and plastic or resin to make eco-friendly products – Bamboo Bioplastics. Our bamboo timber products are designed not only with long-term sustainability in mind but also as an opportunity for companies to significantly decrease their waste […]

Commercial Bamboo Farming: An essential role for the Bamboo Industry

Commercial Bamboo Farming plays an essential role in growing the bamboo industry! OnlyMoso offers two separate partner programs. Each program is associated with a different species and ideal environmental conditions. Our Farmer Partner Program is made up of three parts: 1.Provide access to large quantities of bamboo mother plants 2.Provide support and guidance for growing […]

Limited Time Bamboo Sale

Join the OnlyMoso USA Farmer Partner Program! We’re leading the US bamboo market growth in all areas of the industry, providing farmers with an opportunity to diversify their crops and increase their profits. Send us a message or give us a call today! Our team is available every week to talk with you (877)340-6755 or […]


The Demand for Bamboo…

With a projected U.S. bamboo shoot demand of over 160 million lbs. annually among Asian Americans, the size of the prize is significant. While 60 million pounds of bamboo shoots are currently being imported into the United States, there is an estimated 100+ million lbs. ($250 million in wholesale value) of demand not being met […]

Reflecting back on 2022 for OnlyMoso USA!

Everyone knows the end of the year is a time for reflection. A time to look back on this years success and lessons learned. The Year 2022 brought many challenges to the bamboo industry, we felt the effects of a late frost and the impact of the major Hurricane Ian that hit Florida in September. […]

OnlyMoso Corporate Office Relocated!

Our business recently relocated to a new office, and we couldn’t be more excited! This change has represented a new development for OnlyMoso and has given us a chance to expand our team and reach new heights! We are excited to begin operations in our new location and continuing serving our clients and the needs […]