We are looking for any 500 to 2,000 acres of farming land in South Florida and or South Texas in order to plant our own bamboo fields (for employee retirement plans).
  • The land can be a former citrus field
  • The land can be pasture land or similar but has to be top on drainage
  • We will lease with an option to buy
  • We are looking to negotiate a special lease
  • An option to purchase the entire property on year 8th or 9th after planting
  • The purchase price is negotiated before the deal is definitely signed
  • Buildings available on the property is a plus and very much welcome
  • We will also accept partners for this deal
  • We are looking for partners for land prep
  • We are looking for partners for maintenance
  • We are looking for partners for harvesting
  • Plants will be majorly levied by our Organization
  • We will accept partners from anywhere
  • We will negotiations to share revenues on harvests
All interested parties, please contact our Corporate office and specifically mention this ad and the Retirement plan Program and ask for Mrs Heidi 954 530 3385 ;