OnlyMoso USA is happy to announce another Commercial Bamboo Farm in Sebring, FL! Another 26 acres of Dendrocalamus Asper bamboo planting ; and 65 more acres coming in this week!

How to contain commercial bamboo

Frequently Asked Question:   

“How Do You Contain Commercial Bamboo?

Onlymoso utilizes a combination of ditching and barriers where ditching is not possible to keep the root systems within the designated zones. This is effective because Bamboo has a relatively shallow root system and as the rhizome breaches, the sides of the trenches the exposer to air causes the rhizomes to shoot upward and form a cane. These shoots or canes are then harvested to prevent the spread across the trench. In a similar way, the in-ground barriers force the rhizomes to either run along the barrier or shoot upward.

 As for the management of a plantation, the running root system is managed with a combination of mowing and thinning of the above-ground canes and shoots in the early establishment years followed by selective harvesting to maintain walkways and access road for management purposes once the Bamboo reaches maturity.

This management will mostly take place in the early to late spring as the two running pieces that we offer are both temperate spices and do the majority of there above-ground growth during this time.

Did you know that Bamboo can be used as a fence?  Here is an example is a golf course in Port St. Lucie, Florida…  We tested this concept a year ago and our new farmer partner said:

“We feel we are treated as farmers/partners rather than as a client.”


“We would have spent a lot more if using other suppliers and other solutions.”


Our Bamboo Family has expanded to Australia!

Another exciting species of Phyllostachys bamboo!

Don’t wait too long for reserving this new Phyllostachys because you may end up waiting 1 or 2 years !

****First and foremost, we would like to thank you for being an active part of OnlyMoso, because without you we are nothing. We’ve had such a positive response for the Grand Opening of The OnlyMoso Harvest Packing Facility! We are appreciative and excited for all of the support. That being said, we strive to put the health and safety of all our invitees, staff, and other scheduled attendees first.

It is, for this reason, we will be following the CDC recommendations for COVID-19 and postpone the grand opening event until further notice. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us. We can’t wait to announce the new date and hope to see you for the grand opening of the FIRST ever bamboo shoots packing facility in the United States! Thank you again for your support!

OnlyMoso Harvest, the first commercial fresh bamboo shoot packing facility in the United States, would like to invite you to attend our Grand Opening in Zolfo Springs,
Florida on April 21, 2020!

Florida citrus growers and investment farmers recognize bamboo’s resilience, carbon sequestration and versatility, making the crop a valuable addition to Florida’s agricultural

The bamboo industry has the potential to create an annual economic impact of over $1B within 10 years. As the citrus industry faces challenges with greening disease, growing bamboo is an attractive supplement ecologically and financially.

OnlyMoso Harvest currently represents farms across many states and is growing rapidly. This meeting is an opportunity for our growers and interested parties to learn about our harvesting and marketing plans, as well as celebrate the beginning of our first harvest.

It will also be a chance to view our facility, where harvested bamboo shoots are packaged and shipped to our customers.
Attending the grand opening will allow you to taste and see bamboo’s wide variety of uses.

We will serve samples of Western and Italian-style dishes featuring bamboo shoots, while experts of OnlyMoso present on the numerous opportunities of growing bamboo.

If you have any questions or would like additional information, please view our website, email us at [email protected], or call us at 863-735-1000

OnlyMoso has put together the plan for the first large modular and expandable Bamboo Biochar Mass Production Industry ( with a patented technology ) in the Western World.

One of our Commercial Bamboo Farmer Partners in Alabamba!

Coming up with the most lucrative uses of bamboo canes!