We recently inspected one of our Bamboo Partners bamboo fields in Bartow, Florida and we were blown away at the progress. The results far exceeeded our expectiions:

1. We can hit the 40 to 50 LBS per clump, minimum production of bamboo sprouts per season.

2. This means that the minimum yield we always promoted, can be reached; the minimum is $ 15,000 per acre per year gross up to $25k/$30k where timber/Canes yield account for $ 3 to 4,000 per acre per year gross. Maturity can be reached years 6 to 9 after planting; acts of nature, proper management, and many other variables may affect these results.

3. Jack in Bartow is probably the most successful bamboo farmer, and only 2 years and 9 months after planting he reached the miracle vision we always have talked about.

4. This means a lot to our organization, because we have many successful as Jack, but this field says, that all our farmers have the same potential and the only difference is the management, soil, and few other factors!
5. And we reached this conclusion on a field not even 3 years old !!
Imagine what will happen here in year 7 or 9, when usually Asper reaches maturity !?!?

6. Jack and his son in law ( William ), which are probably the top farmers we dealt with ( I told you many weeks ago, to pay special attention to blueberry farmers and learn from them, they are known as the top in this industry for a simple reason) have declared, that they may take also of 100 acres field, without big need of labor, as it was not that difficult to manage this 5 acres !

Their keys to success are :
A. Electric pumps not diesel-powered ;
B. Fertirrigate with 5 to 10 LBS of 20.20.20 x acre per month ;
C. 15 to 25 Gallon of water per clump per day, which is a lot, but only if the soil allows it ;
D. Prune the unnecessary side branches when you can, not a Must, but it is a plus ;
E. And for other tips contact us at Corporate.
7. We are already harvesting and selling their shoots from New York to San Francisco…
As we promised !!
This is happening every year, now, for the next 60 to 100 years!

It all depends on how we take care and we manage those fields!
We are all in awe, we couldn’t expect this in Bartow in less than 3 years from planting!
You will find a pic below, where the field was totally naked empty in March of 2018, just 6 months before we planted bamboo there.

Look at the size of the 1st sprout in that 1st pic our office Director has in her hands!

They had to cut the tip of that, in order to be able to sell it in the marketplace, because it was too big and they throw away the rest as it was too big !!

There is just simply no more to add, this pay us all back for all the efforts, headaches and the nonsense detractors that tried to stop us !!

We could not believe just how successful commercial bamboo farming in the United States could be – until now. Thank you to all who have trusted OnlyMoso USA – the pioneers of Commercial Bamboo Farming in the USA!

Not even 3 full seasons from planting and this is the result!!

Massive edible bamboo shoots ready for the Veg Fresh Produce Marketplace all over the USA.

4 to 5 Lbs. bamboo edible fresh shoots, 5 inches at the base!! Grown entirely in North America!

Through A LOT of passion, dedication, and education – OnlyMoso USA has persevered through initial resistance to this new industry. We expected it to be tough – it always is when you are bringing a totally new concept to the United States. A lot of nay-sayers said it couldn’t be done (We love it when we are told that 🙂

Commercial Bamboo Farming in California has been a great success. Much different than Florida; however, we are ready to replicate the success we have seen the last year in this beautiful state!

This year we are multiplying 15 to 20 times what we harvested 1 year ago, and we count to reach 20 million LBS of processed fresh shoots in 5 years.
We have reason to believe this all together between fresh and boiled bamboo sprouts can easily be a 350 million LBS business per year!!