This field was planted in May 2020 and a year ago was already nominated as the top field in our organization for a non-tropical bamboo commercial and industrial planting.

30,000 bamboo canes sold before it even hit our corporate office in Italy!

One of our farmer partners in Bartow, Florida – great results after planting 3 months ago!

Check out this Commercial Bamboo farm in California — where we recently planted 9 acres of bamboo in May 2021…

We are getting some AMAZING results for our Farmer Partners!

We are currently looking for more distributors, brokers, partners, grocery shops, food stores in the Commercial Bamboo Farming Industry.

Please call our corporate office if you are interested: 954 530 3385.

Tons and tons of SUPERFOOD available for mankind, from June to October.

Call our bamboo sprouts (fresh and grown only in the USA )

Packing facility at this phone 863-735-1000 and check this out:

We deliver to almost 50 states. Help us find more grocery shops, food store chains, and brokers all over the USA 🇺🇸.