We have big goals … if you have been on the fence about commercial bamboo farming – NOW is the time to join us on this amazing journey!

Bamboo fields miraculously recovered from the worst generational freeze in 40 years a

At the end of January 2022 we experienced one of the worst freezes ever… All the Bamboo fields were yellow or at ground ZERO and now look at these pictures!!

We are expecting a lot of commercial bamboo farming growth in Louisiana over the next 3-5 years!

This field was planted in May 2020 and a year ago was already nominated as the top field in our organization for a non-tropical bamboo commercial and industrial planting.

30,000 bamboo canes sold before it even hit our corporate office in Italy!

One of our farmer partners in Bartow, Florida – great results after planting 3 months ago!

Check out this Commercial Bamboo farm in California — where we recently planted 9 acres of bamboo in May 2021…

We are getting some AMAZING results for our Farmer Partners!