Take a look at this bamboo in Pierson FL!   This growth is six months after planting…

Farmer partners with their families are buying land in geographical areas where our bamboo can flourish.

Many of these farmers live in states where our bamboo cannot thrive because it’s too cold.

Their love for bamboo and excitement for growing the crop is what makes them grow in good climate zones.


Our OnlyMoso Team had a great time at the Sun Belt Expo in Moultrie, Georgia!

We had the opportunity to shake many hands of excited farmers and even got to educate the public on our American Grown Bamboo!

Thank you for all of those patrons who took the time to come say hello and to those who inquired about our bamboo.

OnlyMoso had a booth at the South Texas Farm and Ranch Show in Victoria Texas… We LOVED help educate the people that attended this event on the benefits of commercial bamboo farming.


Our Bamboo Grows well in California!

OnlyMoso planted Asper bamboo in Red Bluff California which puts our plants on both coasts. We are considering opening a nursery in California in the near future.

Onlymoso’s farmer partner provided bamboo shoots from their harvest to be sampled for consumption!

Commercial Bamboo Farming comes to Blessings, Texas.   We recently planted another Asper Bamboo farm in this location with more coming very soon!

OnlyMoso participated in the 22nd Americas Food and Beverage Conference in Miami this past week.

This was the launch of edible bamboo shoots at one of the biggest food and beverage show and conference in the United States!

Information about the event:

Have you ever wanted to build with bamboo? We call it wise folks timber. Join us in the beautiful rural Appalachian mountains for a week-long educational retreat to explore how you can easily incorporate bamboo into your crafts, home projects, business. From toys, furniture, gates and fences, pavilions, panels, roofing, to entire buildings this perennial giant grass has over 1,000 documented historical uses.

OnlyMoso USA Corp is excited to announce that we will be sponsoring a Bamboo Building Intensive event to be hosted by one of our very own Mr. Everest Holmes. Please contact Mr. Holmes at [email protected] for questions and to reserve your limited spot to the event. We hope to see you there!

Please join our vision and become a bamboo farmer partner today!

Corporate Office 954-530-3385
Email Us: [email protected]

We can’t wait to hear from you!

We already have an order by a huge USA food player; we have one of the major Italian restaurant’s chain worldwide ( almost 550 restaurants) wanting to put bamboo on their menus!  We have many other edible bamboo prototypes ready and we are approaching the last steps for MASS PRODUCTION!