We have recently partnered with a company that is the leader in the Citrus and Cattle farming industry… 500+ acres ready for Commercial Bamboo Farming!

One of our favorite bamboo preneurs planted commercial bamboo about 3 years ago… the bamboo crops are looking really, really good!


We surpassed our goal last year – making 2020 our best year ever. This year we have set the bar even higher — and looking to plant 700 Acres of Commercial Bamboo!

We are looking for landowners who want to become FIRST GENERATION BAMBOO-PRENUERS!

Message us for more info…

Our Mother Company in Europe is harvesting Moso bamboo ( phyllostachys ) timber bamboo by the tons!!

The Demand Commercial bamboo farming (as we like to call it: Bamboo-prenuership) is exploading. We are looking for landowners who are looking for growth and interested in learning how they can become the next successful Bamboo-prenuers!

We recently visited the Rio Grande Valley area in Texas where we have received A LOT of interest in growing commercial bamboo farms in 2021.

We look forward to replicating what we have done in other states to make this area FULL of commercial bamboo farms!

We recently visited one of our Commercial Bamboo Farmer-Partners in La Belle, Florida… where hundreds of thousands of WELL DRAINED acres are waiting to host bamboo mother plants. This area could potentially become the new Commercial Bamboo Capital in the United States!

The 2020 season is almost over and we wish to thank all our bamboo farmer partners for our best year so far. Thanks also to all associates that joined and made this success possible, we are now almost 300 in the United States!

Our visionary partners made this possible… and we are looking to harvest some close to 265,000Lbs of fresh USA grown bamboo shoots in 2021.

We have orders for fresh shoots in 8 states for potentially 20 to 40 times what we can supply next season, so please help us to build this industry.

The bamboo biochar factory is very close and as soon as we have the final deal arranged, we will make an announcement, maybe the most important of our organization.

TEXAS AND CALIFORNIA are the new things on our radar and so many opportunities are available in these locations! ed!!

Texas : our new hub/center in Mc Allen is aiming to plant 200 acres in spring 2021. Contact our corporate office at 954 530 3385 for more info.

Commercial Bamboo Farming

Alabama, marvelous USA 🇺🇸

In April 2020 we planted and we lost only 2 plants.. we have the perfect team to support our farmer partners!

Judge for yourself what is the spirit of OnlyMoso, the pioneers of bamboo mass growing for industrial and commercial uses.

We look for new farmer partners in Texas and California (as well as 11 additional states)… message us or call our corporate office at
954 530 3385.