We are looking for any 500 to 2,000 acres of farming land in South Florida and/or South Texas, in order to plant our own bamboo fields (for employee retirement plans).


  • The land can be a former citrus field.
  • The land can be pastureland or similar, but it must have excellent drainage.
  • We will lease it with option to buy.
  • We are looking for a special lease negotiation.
  • The option to purchase the entire property on year 8th or 9th after planting.
  • The purchase price is negotiated before the deal is signed.
  • Buildings available on the property is a plus and very much welcome.
  • We also accept partners for this deal.
  • We are looking for partners for land prep.
  • We are looking for partners for maintenance.
  • We are looking for partners for harvesting.
  • Plants will be majorly levied by our Organization.
  • We will accept partners from anywhere.
  • We will negotiate to share revenues on harvests.

All interested parties, please call our corporate office and talk to Heidi at 954-530-3385. Remember to mention this ad and the Retirement Plan Program.

OnlyMoso USA is launching a new Tropical Bamboo Plant Campaign in April and May 2021. Tropical Bamboo will have a longer growing season – from March through October!

As our harvests grow in the United States, so does our Bamboo Biochar efforts. We are very pleased with the progress and are eager to grow this part of our business in 2021!!!

We have recently partnered with a company that is the leader in the Citrus and Cattle farming industry… 500+ acres ready for Commercial Bamboo Farming!

One of our favorite bamboo preneurs planted commercial bamboo about 3 years ago… the bamboo crops are looking really, really good!


We surpassed our goal last year – making 2020 our best year ever. This year we have set the bar even higher — and looking to plant 700 Acres of Commercial Bamboo!

We are looking for landowners who want to become FIRST GENERATION BAMBOO-PRENUERS!

Message us for more info…

Our Mother Company in Europe is harvesting Moso bamboo ( phyllostachys ) timber bamboo by the tons!!

The Demand Commercial bamboo farming (as we like to call it: Bamboo-prenuership) is exploading. We are looking for landowners who are looking for growth and interested in learning how they can become the next successful Bamboo-prenuers!

We recently visited the Rio Grande Valley area in Texas where we have received A LOT of interest in growing commercial bamboo farms in 2021.

We look forward to replicating what we have done in other states to make this area FULL of commercial bamboo farms!

We recently visited one of our Commercial Bamboo Farmer-Partners in La Belle, Florida… where hundreds of thousands of WELL DRAINED acres are waiting to host bamboo mother plants. This area could potentially become the new Commercial Bamboo Capital in the United States!