One of our Commercial Bamboo Farmer Partners in Alabamba!

Coming up with the most lucrative uses of bamboo canes!

We have A LOT of Interest from Farmers in colder states that would like to get involved in Commercial Bamboo Farming.

OnlyMoso USA can help!

We recently helped these farmers find land to plant commercial bamboo on – you could be next!

Our Farmer Partners in Oklahoma were looking for land in Texas to start a commercial bamboo farm under our program. With our assistance, they ended up purchasing land in Florida and started with 25 acres of Commercial Bamboo and are now expanding to 60-80 Acres!

Huge Shoots just after 6 and a half months of planting…

We sure love working within our communities! Our wonderful Mid West Territory Manager, with the help of our beautiful Blessing Texas Farmers, set up an event within their community to educate their peers on the wonders of bamboo!

The lovely Fuentes Family planted their Tropical bamboo this summer and it’s looking great.

We love our farmer partners and we want you to join our vision too! If you are interested in becoming a commercial bamboo farmer partner please reach out to us!

We work as a team for success. Following proper instructions will result in great success. Here is the proof: