Texas, Alabama, and all of the East Coast are preparing to plant Phyllostachys big time.

We believe 2023 will be the record for planting bamboo Phyllostachys in our organization.
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Looking for a more sustainable way to use plastic components?

At Alternative Bamboo Commodities (ABC), we combine natural fibers and plastic or resin to make eco-friendly products – Bamboo Bioplastics.

Our bamboo timber products are designed not only with long-term sustainability in mind but also as an opportunity for companies to significantly decrease their waste output.

With our Bamboo Bioplastic components, you can reduce your carbon footprint and improve your overall environmental impact! Plus, our sustainable product is just as durable and cost-effective as traditional plastics.

Try out one of our test samples today to see how ABC’s bamboo bioplastics can help you reach your sustainability goals!

This is our sister company — you can learn more by visiting alternativebamboocommodities.com

Commercial Bamboo Farming plays an essential role in growing the bamboo industry! OnlyMoso offers two separate partner programs. Each program is associated with a different species and ideal environmental conditions.

Our Farmer Partner Program is made up of three parts:
1.Provide access to large quantities of bamboo mother plants
2.Provide support and guidance for growing bamboo
3.Providing a 10–20-year crop buyback agreement

Give us a call today to learn about the program best for you!

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