We could not believe just how successful commercial bamboo farming in the United States could be – until now. Thank you to all who have trusted OnlyMoso USA – the pioneers of Commercial Bamboo Farming in the USA!

Not even 3 full seasons from planting and this is the result!!

Massive edible bamboo shoots ready for the Veg Fresh Produce Marketplace all over the USA.

4 to 5 Lbs. bamboo edible fresh shoots, 5 inches at the base!! Grown entirely in North America!

Through A LOT of passion, dedication, and education – OnlyMoso USA has persevered through initial resistance to this new industry. We expected it to be tough – it always is when you are bringing a totally new concept to the United States. A lot of nay-sayers said it couldn’t be done (We love it when we are told that 🙂

Commercial Bamboo Farming in California has been a great success. Much different than Florida; however, we are ready to replicate the success we have seen the last year in this beautiful state!

This year we are multiplying 15 to 20 times what we harvested 1 year ago, and we count to reach 20 million LBS of processed fresh shoots in 5 years.
We have reason to believe this all together between fresh and boiled bamboo sprouts can easily be a 350 million LBS business per year!!

Tons and tons of SUPERFOOD available for mankind, from June to October.

Call our bamboo sprouts (fresh and grown only in the USA )

Packing facility at this phone 863-735-1000 and check this out:

We deliver to almost 50 states. Help us find more grocery shops, food store chains, and brokers all over the USA 🇺🇸.

One of our best Farmer-Partners has been planting since 2018 and has already sold bamboo shoots in New York and California! He now has close to 60 Acres of Commercial bamboo on his land in Florida!

Commercial bamboo shoots planted at the end of May are already showing!