Tahallasse Phyllostachys planting: a new age in commercial bamboo farming.
We are almost planting more Phyllostachys than tropical bamboo!

Phyllostachys is becoming our best bamboo in terms of satisfaction and for volumes!

Bamboo Farming in Fresno, CA is about to explode. We already have lined up more than 20 parties to come to Florida to learn how to replicate our success from Florida to California !!!

The Rio Grande valley in Texas is starting to explode with commercial bamboo farmers 🤝

Countless farmers are converting to commercial bamboo farming in place of traditional farming!

Seven acres of special Phyllostachys Bamboo in South Georgia,

-Soil: clay and sandy/loam, rich but not ideal…
-480 mother plants x 7 acres = 3,360 mother plants
-Planted the End of May 2020 with the New OnlyMoso USA Corp, Field Expert Mr. Marc Shollenberger = the miracle bamboo man !!!