This commercial bamboo strang belongs to the Phyllostachys family – we grew it in North Florida (which is very challenging – but do-able!).

This crop was planted in 2018 and has seen enormous growth!

This Commercial Bamboo Farm in Sebring, FL planted bamboo 60 days ago and is already getting great results!

A HUGE thank you to everyone involved in making this dream a reality. A lot of blood, sweat and tears into making this vision a reality… We are even more pleased to announce that we already sold out for 2020!

Commercial Bamboo Farming and Harvesting – the OnlyMoso way!

Our commercial bamboo shoots harvest for 2020 is all sold out 🥰

A HUGE thank you to our Packing House shareholders and to all our Florida citrus and bamboo growers!

These Commercial Bamboo Shoots were harvested in Florida and expected to be in a New York Fresh Vegetable market in 48 hours!